‘Ikebana’, derived from the Japanese language, meaning arranging flowers: a colorful, artistic and delightful activity we pioneer in doing. Moreover, we are the one stop solution for total event management in floral decorations and landscaping of an international standard.
Our reliable and confident team Headed by qualified from Ohara International School of Japan, landscape designers specializing in a variety of floral arrangements including indoor landscaping, vertical gardens, waterfalls, roof gardens, etc. We have been satisfying customers over twenty one years with a unique blend of hard work, expertise, innovation and creativity. We offer unparalleled design, installation and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties.
Every landscape design is specifically done to our client’s needs. As you browse through our website, you can see the many different services we offer. Not only do we take great considerations to fulfill your satisfactions, we love what we do. We enjoy it!
We are committed to professionalism and quality control from start to finish. We take into account every detail of our work as we transform your demands into the oasis of your dreams.
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